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    Error Code -1517 on a table while splitting the database

    I'm trying to work with a (very) old database that has never been split. I'm trying to perform the split but the error code -1517 gets thrown on a specific table. I looked up possible solutions and they all talk about compact and repairing/compacting the Front and Back ends to resolve the issue. Then, if that doesn't work, delete the link between the front end and back end.

    However, because the database isn't split I can't delete the link. Also, when I try to simply copy the table into the new Back End it throws the same error.

    Any thoughts or advice on what to do?

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    Make sure all forms are closed.
    To guarantee this, hold down the SHIFT key while loading the database.
    Then try the split.

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    1517 error can also relate to using reserved words in table or field names. If any of your names match the ones in this link, try changing the name

    Alternatively it is possible the table has been corrupted. This can be caused by an unsplit db being shared by multiple users at the same time or if there was a power loss whilst an update was in progress for example.

    Can you open the table and view all the contents (i.e. scroll through the entire table)? If so can you copy and paste the records into another file such as an excel.csv file? If you can get that far, manually recreate the table in the new backend, then import the data from the .csv file

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    Thanks for the response, Ajax. I was hoping there was some magic trick I could do to fix the problem.

    The table uses some of the reserved words, but even after changing them the table still can't be copied. The DB is used by about 12 people simultaneously and has probably suffered multiple crashes over its lifetime. While every record is visible (scrolling top to bottom) I'm fairly positive the table has been corrupted in some way.

    Looks like an export and rebuild is the next step. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

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