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    Exclude rows to get to data/field names

    I've got a HUGE database to create. I have 60 GB worth of excel files or so I need to combine and the first 6 rows are things such as company name, which machine created the spreadsheet and so forth. The field names are on row 6. How do I make it so the wizard knows my fields names are on row 6 and the data needed starts on row 7? I would go into the original files and delete them, but I'm not allowed to manipulate the data, not to mention it's 60 GB worth of files and that alone would take forever.

    Also side note, When I combine two spreadsheets in a query, will the database understand to put a N/A or whatever in the value if one spreadsheet has an extra field name?

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    The Access Wizard does not have the funcunality to look at row 6 for column headings. You will need to either copy the files and delete the top 5 rows or import without column names into a temporary table and then append to you table exluding data in top 6 rows.

    Side note - When you set up your table/s you need to include all the field names possible from the data in the excel files.

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