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    prevent form from going blank after closing

    Hi I'm relatively new to access and had a question about how to redisplay the data entered into a form after closing it. I'm using Access 2007.

    My DB is split, with the FE containing an input form, frmPMData (where project managers will input the data they need to track), and BE containing 4 tables which store the information supplied by the project managers. I plan to make the FE frmPMData an .accde file once I'm done designing the DB. The DB will eventually be stored on a shared network drive and the project managers will access it there. Currently it is saved to my hard drive.

    I want the project managers (who are not familiar with access) to be able to enter and edit data for their projects only via the FE frmPMData. My reason for doing this is to make the process very user friendly for the project managers. However, I've noticed that after I'm done entering data and I close the form the next time I open it all the records disappear (the form starts on record 1 of 1). The issue is not that the data isn't being stored in the tables; but that the records are disappearing from the form since this will be the only place the project managers can view/edit their data. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening so that the project managers can go back into frmPMData and view/edit the records/data they previously entered?

    I've looked on a bunch of forums on different sites and haven't had any luck finding an answer. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you are confused or if I need to elaborate on the description of my problem/DB.


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    Open the form in design view then go to the property sheet-->Data and look for the Data Entry property. If it is set to Yes it will open ready for a new record (i.e. you will not see previously entered records). Change the property to No to see all records when the form opens.

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