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    Formula calculating on primary key (auto number)

    Within a qry: TotalDropRate: [AmtofDrops]*[DropsRate]

    The AMTifDrops column is manually entered value eg. 4
    The DropsRate is from a lookup table.
    Table is ID,Rate,Description. ID number is the auto number primary key.

    ID Rate Description
    1 $30
    2 $40
    3 $50
    4 $60

    The formula above is calculating on the ID number instead of the rate. So it is TotalDropRate: 4*3 = 12 Where I need 4*50=200
    Any insight?? I am stuck.
    Thanks in advance

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    is your dropsrate field a lookup field? if so, that is the reason why.

    Solution - change the lookup back to text so you can see what you are dealing with. Then in your query link to the lookup table there

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    You may find the following free videos will improve your understanding of database concepts.
    They are useful for working with any database.
    Good luck.

    Intro to Database
    The Relational Model
    Data Modelling and the ER Model

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    Thank you so much! Late night and didn't think the lookup in the table was my problem. Your awesome for the quick reply. It helped to finish up last night. Totally appreciated.

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