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    Wink Suggestions for StartUp Options for new database-Access 2007

    I'm using Access 2007, and am almost ready to hand over a new database to the users.

    Do you have suggestions on what should be visible or not available to the users using

    1) "current database" panel in Access 2007 (Microsoft Office Button\Access Options\Current database)


    2) What startup options should be included in the autoexec

    Thanks, in advance, for your help. I really appreciate this forum!

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    there is no correct answer because it depends on the user. If they are technically competent, trusted, can leave it as is....

    If they are technophobes or incompetent or untrustworthy, ...or executives!!.... - - then you need to strip out the menu bars, hide the navigation panes, and design your forms in a way that will spoon feed them each step of the way.....

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    Thanks for your response.

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    Make sure you split the database and compile the front end in my version its called a "MDE" that can be the starting point for other soultions.

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