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    Users who bought this product also bought these related products

    I have a large dataset of customers who have bought a product from me. What I want to be able to do is map in Access a list of other products that were purchased by customers who also bought the same product as you.

    Example, Peter bought an orange, an apple and a banana. Simon comes to the site and buys a banana, so I want to be able to say, other customers who also bought a banana bought an apple and an orange.

    Rather than listing every single other product bought though, I want to rank. So of the 200 customers who also bought a banana, 50 of them went on to buy an apple whereas only 5 of them went on to buy an orange. Therefore an apple is a better suggested next purchase.

    Any ideas on how to create this within Access?

    Thanks for any help

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    Make Q1 that has Simons banana.
    Q2 uses Q1 and joins to the data table on ITEM to pull all other people orderIDs having banana.
    Q3 uses Q2 orderIDs to pull all their items and counts them.

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    Q1 -remove duplicate orders:
    SELECT DISTINCT Table1.Customer, Table1.Product FROM Table1;

    Q2 -who bought what other product :
    SELECT DISTINCT q1.Customer, q1.Product, Table1.Customer, Table1.Product
    FROM q1 INNER JOIN Table1 ON q1.Customer = Table1.Customer
    WHERE (((Table1.Product)<>[q1].[Product]));

    Q3 - count:
    SELECT q2.q1.Product, q2.Table1.Product, Count(q2.Table1.Customer) AS CountOfTable1_Customer
    FROM q2
    GROUP BY q2.q1.Product, q2.Table1.Product;


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