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    Creating DNS in Users Access Database which has linked tables connected to SQL

    Hello All,

    I have Access Database in shared location but when I run the query it populates following error "ODBC--connection to 'C58DG001SQL' failed."

    But when I run it by logging in to the remote desktop connection where the actual database is located, it runs fine. I am trying to automate this process, instead of logging everytime using remote desktop connection. I have placed this Access Database in a shared location and created a BAT file which is scheduled using Task scheduler and will run the Access Query. But unfortunately I encountering SQL connection error.

    Can anyone provide me a solution for this.


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    Use the odbc and link the tables you need, also click SAVE PASSWORD during this connect, then the tables can be used in queries.
    Zero Code needed.
    It Always works.
    No BAT file.

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    Thank you for the response!!

    I have certain challenges in obtaining the desired results.

    1. I use separate User Name and Password when logging into the Remote Desktop hence when I run the Access query it works.
    2. When I Login using the Mapped network and run the Access query it throws error saying "ODBC--connection to 'C58DG001SQL' failed." May be because that is my credentials.

    So my question is when I create ODBC connection from my system, do I need to use the Remote desktop credentials and not mine, since I do not have access to that SQL server.
    How can I check the SQL server name to be provided as I have no idea which SQL server they have connected.


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