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    Page Footer on first page only with no footer on subsequent pages

    I am developing a large report that requires a Report Header and Page Footer to only appear on the first page.

    The page footer contains a large picture of various Logos showing membership of various associations but only needs to appear on the first page.

    The text on the first page varies in depth between reports so I cannot use a fixed position on the first page for the Logo picture.

    In the OnPrint on the Page Footer I have used the code:

    Me.PageFooterSection.Visible = (Me.[Page] = 1)

    That works fine. However, because the Page Footer picture is around 4cm in height, I now have a blank 4cm Page Footer on all subsequent pages. On all pages beyond the first I want the text to go to the bottom of the page. Also the report is made up of multiple sections (entered as subreports) each of which can vary in height.

    Is there any way that I can either reduce the size of the page footer on subsequent pages or remove the page footer altogether where it is not required.
    As far as I can see this cannot be done as you cannot change the height of any section after printing has started.

    Or perhaps someone can think of another way of achieving this.

    Many thanks

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    will check further!

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    If you cannot put a control (in your case, an image control?) in any section and drag the lower bar of that section over top of it, how do you expect to resize it so that these images are no longer visible? Your solution might be to make the first page a separate report and put that in a sub report control in the header of a new report. Size the header of the main report so that the image controls placed at the bottom appear to be in the footer. Whatever text you have for the first page would have to be in controls that have their grow/shrink property = yes if you want to place the images just underneath. That should leave the rest of the report showing up on subsequent pages, but in the sub report.

    Without a better understanding of what your report actually looks like, I'm just throwing out ideas here.
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Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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