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    Missing 3000 records - when transferred from 2007 access to 2016 access -- same data backup - help

    I am updating from 2007 access to 2016 - new computer - the data on the old computer running access 2007 has 13057 records -- when I transfer the front end and the data to the new computer and 2016 access -- the records stop at 10250 -- HELP! We are a non profit, all volunteer food pantry - and need help. Thank you!

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    Not really enough info to make an real suggestions. Can you transfer back again and then run an unmatched query to see what is missing? - perhaps that will tell you why. Also, how did you transfer the data? just copy the file across or some sort of import or export routine? Perhaps you copied a backup across rather than the live file? Are you sure your record count is correct - no duplicates etc?

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    Another possibility -

    Are you sure the actual number of records has changed, and not just the maximum value in an autonumber field? Depending on how you did the transfer, the values in an Autonumber fields might be reset, which in turn could lead to all kinds of problems if you use those fields in relationships.

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