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    Invoicing created from Orders (purchase orders), and report showing non-invoiced Orders

    Picking up where someone else left off with this database.

    Fabrication company calls orders "Jobs". There is a Job table with overall details pertaining to an order, with a linked table Job Lines having the specifics for each line item of a Job/order. There can be different delivery dates for each line item of an order so there can also be multiple invoices per Job.

    There are corresponding tables Invoices (containing the overall details) and a linked table Invoice Lines. The Invoice Lines table columns are InvoiceLine# (Invoice#.1, Invoice#.2... Invoice#.10 etc), Invoice#, JobLine#, and a True/False "Invoiced". The True/False defaults to True for all values entered into the table. All data entry happens in an Invoice Form, that contains a subform for InvoiceLines and a similar form for Jobs and JobLines (JobLines has the same number system = Job#.1, Job#.2.... Job#.10 etc).

    I am trying to identify JobLines that do not have a linked InvoiceLine to show JobLines that have yet to be invoiced.

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    I have flags on my Invoice record,

    filled when the action is complete.

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    Looks like a bad relationship was my issue ( was 1 to 1, should have been "1 to many external")


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