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    Left join doesn't work correctly

    I have a database (table1) with:

    ID Name Status
    1 John Accepted
    2 John Removed
    3 John Transferred
    4 William Transferred

    I want a table where I count the number of times someone is in the database, but don't count the status status accepted. The results should be:
    ID Name Status # rows without status accepted
    1 John Accepted 0
    2 John Removed 2
    3 John Transferred 2
    4 William Transferred 1

    I have the following query:

    		(SELECT [table1].[id], [table1].[name], [table1].[status], COUNT(*) as [Number rejected]
    			FROM [table1]
    			WHERE [table1].[status] <> "Accepted"
    			GROUP BY [table1].[id], [table1].[name], [table1].[status]
    		) as SubQuery1
    		ON ([table1].[id] = SubQuery1.[id] AND [table1].[name] = SubQuery1.[name] AND [table1].[status] = SubQuery1.[status]))
    However, the problem is that with this query all rows with status "accepted" are removed. What do I wrong?

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    I believe I got what you need with 2 queries. Create Query1 and save, then use it in Query2 and link it on Name back to Table1.

    SELECT Table1.Name, Count(Table1.Name) AS CountOfName
    FROM Table1
    WHERE (((Table1.Status)<>"Accepted"))
    GROUP BY Table1.Name;

    SELECT Table1.ID, Table1.Name, Table1.Status, IIf([Status]="Accepted",0,[CountOfName]) AS vCountOfName
    FROM Table1 INNER JOIN Query1 ON Table1.Name = Query1.Name;

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    Thanks Bulzie. Works perfect!

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    Be aware that "Name" is a reserved word in Access and shouldn't be used as an object name.
    Plus it is not very descriptive: "Name" of what?? Company Name, First Name? Component Name? The dog's name??

    List of reserved words in Access/Jet/ACE/SQL:

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