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    Database design for time recording / project management (Beginner!)


    recently I started using Access 2016 (did not used Access before!) and now I should make some kind of time recording / project management. Right now we are using a very old Access database (guess it is older than 2002) for time recording and an Excel sheet to organise our "projects" (working as a draftman and we track every single request from the feasibility to the approved drawing). I would like to create the new database in Access 2016 using the FE/BE (Frontend / Backend) method. Before I start creating the frontend I want to make sure by backend tables are designed properly (I repeat, I am totally new to Access ).

    This is what I've got so far:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The green loop is the "project management". Each drawing requested requires its own "AuftragID" (on the upper right side) and contains one responsible employee (MitarbeiterID --> MitarbeiterID_VK_F). For every "AuftragID" there can be different steps (PhasenID on the left side) like "feasibility", "approval drawing 1", "approval drawing 2", "approved" as shown in "tblAuftragsphasen" (we track only "In" and "Out" as date (normally the loops ends with "approved"). Beside this we have to write down the hours we used for this (also with a date --> "2 hours for feasibility on 10/17/2016 and sign it with our initial). We have to do this for "tblAllgemeineArbeiten" and "tblProjektwesen". I would like to gather all these times from the 3 types into the red table "tblZeiterfassung".

    I guess my approach is a bit weird to get these information into the red table as I only need the specific ID "AuftrPhasenID" OR "ProjektID" OR "AllArbeitenID". Can anyone help me with this? --> This is my file
    If there are any questions (kinda difficult to explain this in English) please ask!

    Thank you in advance

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    great link, thank you! So at least the green loop I have created is not that bad.
    Now I have to figure out a good way to connect "tblAuftragsphasen" (green), "tblAllgemeineArbeiten" (light blue) and "tblProjektwesen" (light blue) into the red table and eliminate the three connections at once. I would like to record a time for a specific "activity" (either green or one of the blue ones but with a reference to the specific primary key).

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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