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    Open form based on multiple criteria and create new record if they don't exist

    Hello all,

    I'm working on a job not single form, frmJobNote that I'm opening with a command button from from, frmNew. I'm using the following to open frmJobNote.

    Private Sub cmdJobNote_Click()     strDocName = "frmJobNote"
        DoCmd.OpenForm strDocName
        With Forms(strDocName)
        .txtFrmTitle.Value = Me.sfrmTCNewJob!cboJobID.Column(1) & " Notes"
        .txtJobID.Value = Me.sfrmTCNewJob!cboJobID
        .txtNoteDate.Value = Now()
        End With
    End Sub
    This works, but not for what I'm attempting. I would like frmJobNote to open to the record that matches the current date and job from frmNew. If there is not an existing record for this date and job combination I would like a new record created for this combination. Aside from being new with VBA, I'm not familiar with coding for dates.
    Can anyone help me create the code for a command button to open a form and look for an existing record for both the JobID and the current date, then create a new record if this does not exist?

    Thank you for having a look,


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    I think you might have a hard time searching for a date because you are using NOW() instead of DATE(). The NOW function time down to the second.
    An example of now would be "10/8/2016 5:26:18 PM".

    What is the record source for the form "frmJobNote"?
    If it is a table, I think it might be easier to search using a record set in VBA, rather than opening a form.
    You could open a record set using criteria, then if no records are returned, add a new record.
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    Hello ssanfu,

    Using DATE() is a great idea, I'll make the change. frmJobNote use table tblJobNote as its record source.

    Thank you for the reply

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