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    Problem converting ADP Access file to MDB

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    I have inherited an Access 2003 ADP and need to convert it to Access 2010 MDB. It's become a huge headache for the past several weeks.
    The backend is MS-SQL 2008 R2. (I am a SQL developer & have built 1000s of SPs and databases also a good .NET C# developer).
    I Would like to use DAO if possible (unless someone says ADO is better).

    I can't get Access to use:
    1. SPs that have parameters. (have got some to work)
    2. SPs with parameters that return data (to be used to fill out Access form/subform fields)
    3. SPs with parameters that don't return data.
    4. Queries that call SPs with parameters (may or may not return data)

    Do I even need to use queries?
    Can I use queries that call SPs (with parameters) and return data to Access or should I?

    example: The following code worked in ADP:

    Me.RecordSource= "execute SPNAME " & Param1 &"," & param2

    But doesn't work in MDB. How would I convert that to MDB?

    If I create a table in my SP (using select into), how can I use that table to populate my access form fields?
    (i.e. how would I define access form fields (in UI) to later dynamically use data from the table (created in SP dynamically)

    AND I would like to use DAO and NOT ADO (if possible) based on recommendations I have found online.

    Could you please refer me to a good site with concrete examples?
    Do you suggest that I use queries?
    My biggest problem is with SPs that have parameters and return data.

    Thank you so much.

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    with regards converting an adp to access 2010, see this link which may help

    with regards stored procedures, see this link

    so you can create a query, which you should ben be able to use as a recordsource

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    I would second the comment on linking the tables. Perhaps using a connection string in VBA and a DSN-less connection would be easiest. You can install the correct SQL Server driver on each of the clients.

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