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    Updating multiple forms/records by making changes to one tbl

    What I need to do is have one base table containing all the current information for raw materials (item #s, cost, etc..) that gets updated every time we receive one of the items already in the table with new information. Like if the cost has increased since the last time it was received, I can change the cost for one specific item, then have it update every record that one item is used in. I have 2 subforms where that item would be used repeatedly for different finished products that are made up of that item. How can I have every record in every form updated whenever I make a change to that base table?????? :?:

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    Forget before - Here's what my problem is, hopefully more clear (I've made some progress and here's what I'm stuck on):
    Here's some background so you'll get the idea of how it's set up. I have a
    table that will have a huge list of all raw materials and information about
    each that I need to relate to a raw materials received subform, but that
    subform won't be using the raw materials table because the subform will only
    have a few of the raw materials listed for each record on its main form. I
    don't want all the raw materials in the table displayed on the subform - only
    a few for each record. So I've created a separate table for the subform with
    only field names (which are exactly the same as the fields in my big raw
    materials table) and no data because I'll need to go manually enter each
    record since each main form record will have a different set of raw materials.
    So I have 2 tables that I want to relate so that when I make changes to the
    raw materials table, it will update the raw materials received subform.

    Here's where I come across the problem: I figured I needed to create a one-to-
    many relationship using cascading updates, but it won't let me because for
    some reason, it won't allow me to create the primary keys I want in the raw
    materials table. The primary key is the item # & cost combined, which I know
    are unique records, but it keeps telling me that they're not. Does it
    recognize part of each item # in other item #s and thinks they're duplicates?
    Does anyone know how to get around this problem? All I want to do is create that
    primary key and then I can get the relationship & cascading updates I need,
    but I'm stuck on that stupid primary key! :x

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