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    Query field to get 1 years worth of totals - show total...

    I need to create a query or something that will look at a a date field and an amount field, then will calculate the amount field with all the entries of a past year.

    So like this is 2007, I have a field called Last Years Total I want that field to always be dynamic in that it is just running a query on the table to see what the sum of certain Totals Field from last year was.

    So if my records show Date Price Ship Total

    1/24/06 $5.00 $3.00 $8.00
    4/2/06 $10.00 $0.00 $10.00
    2/3/07 $25.00 $2.00 $27.00

    Then the for this vendor the Lastyears total would query up to $18.00

    Something like that :0)


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    In addition...

    I failed to mention that I want it to automatically recognize what year it is, so if it's 2007, it knows that that field should show 2006 data. And when it turns 2008, it'll know to show 2007 totals. Without the user having to put in some date range.


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