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    Topic has attachmentsExporting Two Tables By Criteria Input, Have Too Type In Criteria Twice


    I'm using transferspreadsheet for exporting a few tables. When I export the tables I get prompted to input a project name/criteria, which is as it should be. However I'm currently having to type the same ProjectName in four times, is there any way to call the first project name I enter?

    SELECT Saneres.Projektnavn AS Projektnavn, Saneres.OpstrømsKnudeNavn AS OpstrømsKnudeNavn, Saneres.NedstrømsKnudeNavn AS NedstrømsKnudeNavn, Saneres.Opstrømsdybde AS Opstrømsdybde, Saneres.Nedstrømsdybde AS Nedstrømsdybde, Saneres.Afløbstype AS Afløbstype, Saneres.Lokalitet AS Lokalitet, Saneres.Længde AS Længde, Saneres.Diameter AS Diameter, Saneres.Ledningsmateriale AS Ledningsmateriale, Saneres.Stationering AS Stationering, Saneres.TVObsKode AS TVObsKode, Saneres.TVObsKlasse AS TVObsKlasse, Saneres.Type1 AS Type1, Saneres.Type2 AS Type2, Saneres.FysiskIndeks AS FysiskIndeks, Saneres.SaneringsmetKode AS SaneringsmetodeKode, Saneres.LedningsID AS LedningsID, Saneres.DelledningsID AS DelledningsID
    FROM Saneres
    WHERE (((Saneres.Projektnavn)=[Indtast Projektnavn]))
    ORDER BY Saneres.LedningsID;
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    presumably this is happening because you are using transferspreadsheet 5 times?

    Solution is on your form to have a field where you enter the project name, then have your queries reference the form instead - something like

    WHERE (((Saneres.Projektnavn)=forms!formnamehere![txtProjektnavn]))

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