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    Clear Relationships from the Relationships layout screen

    Just getting started with Access and playing around with creating relationships between tables. I noticed that when I was in the Relationships layout area there are tables in there that was from a previous database. This is a brand new from scratch database. I have done the clear layout but when I hit the All Relationships button they come back. How do you go about clearing out those relationships permanently?


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    in relationship screen, delete the table. Save.

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    There may possibly be an issue with Acc 2016.
    If you are just adding tables to an older database, then any existing relationships could appear.
    If this is a newly created database (brand new via create database) I don't see how any relationships would be present.
    Please tell us specifics about the situation.

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    I just went in and highlighted and deleted the tables in the relationship screen and did a save. Closed the database and then reopened the database. When I click on All Relationships they show up again. This is crazy. I must be missing something.

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    1) Are the table names in those relationships MSys....? If so, those are MS Access system tables and relationships - and IMO they are best left alone.

    2) Do the relationships you are trying to delete use linked tables? If so, you have to delete them directly in the BE database, even though you can see them in the FE.

    I don't know about A2016, but in A2010, on the relationships ribbon, there is a button labeled "Clear Layout"; this removes all information from the relationships pane, including the system ones.
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    You got this one. I guess I should have listed the names when I started this thread. MSysNavPaneGroupCategories, MSysNavPaneGroups and NSysNavPaneGroupToObjects. When I searched on the names those are system tables. Appreciate the help from everybody.

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    You can turn off displaying those system files......
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    Here is the link I used to turn those off.

    Hope this helps.


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