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    Openquery asks twice

    So, long story short: We use a database at my job, and i'm working on it to add improvements, and I'm still learning the ropes. So I've drilled down - there's a form button that runs a macro that opens a query, and whenever i click on the button (or even go to my list of queries and open it that way (to cut out the middle man so-to-speak) it will ask me to enter a parameter value twice. the actual call from the macro: OpenQuery (Query Name, Datasheet, Edit) the first time the input goes nowhere and only the second time it actually "takes the info" how can I go about making this not happen? where should i look and what for? thanks,

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    Open the query in design and look for criteria in the criteria row that is surrounded by square brackets [ ]. If the prompts are for the exact same parameter, expect to find two query fields asking for the same thing, otherwise there is likely a second parameter in another (OR) criteria line for just one field. If you don't see anything like this, right click on the area showing the tables and choose Parameters... from the list. They could be defined there. This would also be evident in the sql view of the query - the sql would start with the word Parameters.

    How you'd stop this depends on what can be done to supply the information without user interaction. Often, parameters are used to get info from the user, such as a begin and end dates for a query. More information on what is being asked for and perhaps where it might come from would be required.
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    Well, I followed the advice, and there was two criteria. I deleted one and it got rid of the double prompt, but it gave me data fromm a while month instead of just the current day. So I put the criteria back in and now I have just the current day, and the double prompt is gone. Not sure what happened but it worked


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    probably a typo difference between the two prompts (perhaps a superfluous space)

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