I keep getting the error message "Property not found" when trying to do a crosstab query. I used three fields for row heading - Name (should list candidates name), Campaign (should list the type of race that the candidat is involved in) and Political Affiliation (party) and for the column heading I have State (state in which candidate is from). In the query that I used to create the cross tab I have a date field which prompts the user for a start date and an end date but I didn't include that field in my query. What I want the query to show me is the name of the candidate, their campaign and party and then in the columns list all of the states that were contributed to. It should also prompt me for a date. When I put date as my column heading and select for it to show me amounts by quarter it works but when I ask it to show me by year it again tells me property not found. What does property not found mean?