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    Query running all info in a db with the exception of records that have been closed for 30 days +

    I am trying to run reports based on a membership database.
    I need all records to be on the report with the exception of records that have a closed date 30 days or more.

    Thus, when the report runs, all active members are included as well as closed files only within the 30 day time frame. All other closed files will not be included in the report.

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    Try a criteria of:

    < Date() - 30
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    Thanks, so under status - criteria I have active or pending or inactive ... and then I would put closed < Date() - 30 ?? or is there a trick to say closed but with only this time frame? because if I enter it in as I noted - it does not show the closed.

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    You would put > Date() - 30 as the criteria for the DateClosed field in the query.

    Notice I changed the "<" to ">"; you want the closed data to be greater than 30 days ago.

    However, you need to account for members whose membership hasn't expired, in which case there won't be a Closed Date (it will be Null), so you could have:

    Is Null Or > Date() - 30 as the criteria.

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