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    Replacing String Within Form Module

    At my work we changed out network mapping, and therefore there is a lot of chaos regarding directory links. I'm looking for an easy way to programmatically replace string in ALL modules within a database.

    I've found how to do it in regular modules, however I do not know how to do the same for Form Modules, or Report Modules, etc.

    Function modulechanges(Optional oldstring As String = "", Optional newstring As String = "")
    For Each mdl In CurrentProject.AllModules
        With mdl
            If mdl.Name <> "Directory Change" Then
                DoCmd.OpenModule mdl.Name
                With Application.Modules(mdl.Name)
                    For i = 1 To .CountOfLines
                        If InStr(1, .Lines(i, 1), oldstring) <> 0 Then
                                .ReplaceLine i, Replace(.Lines(i, 1), oldstring, newstring)
                        End If
                    Next i
                End With
                DoCmd.Save acModule, mdl.Name
            End If
        End With
    Next mdl
    End Function
    Is it possible to do the same for Form/report modules?

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    Search/Replace is a standard option in VBE. It will work across the entire project. Check out the binoculars icon.

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    I know ctrl-H works wonders, but I do not want to do it for everybody, instead let the macro do the work.

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    A form has a module property that you should be able to work with.
    Check these out
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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