Hello - I'm new to publishing databases for other users and hoping for some help from the experts!

My database will have only have two users - myself and coworker in a different country. We have two "approved" shared location options - a shared network drive and SharePoint. I want to be able to update the tables (source reports) on a weekly basis myself, and allow the other person to run queries after the source reports have been updated. I have already split the database and stored the BE on a shared network drive. This did work, however it was so painfully slow, that it's not a feasible option. Can I store the BE on a SharePoint library (not a list) instead? Is there a way to point the linked tables to the SharePoint URL without actually publishing those tables to a SharePoint list? One of the main issues is that the data in the tables are confidential, so I like the control that I have with SharePoint permissions.

I'm no VB expert, but I'm not afraid to use it, and thought I might be able to put the location of the linked tables in VB, if that's an option. Hoping there's a simpler way. I'm using Access 2013 and SharePoint 2013.

Thank you for any help you provide!