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    Why Hello there!

    Hello Everyone,

    Just an introduction post, I'm all shiny and new to this forum. I figure I'll write something about myself before I start unloading all my problems on you all (Just Kidding, I have a follow up post planned just FULL of my problems! ).
    So I'm new using MS Access but I'm not a fumbling idiot (mostly), I do some programming in C#/Ruby/Python and I play with VBA fairly successfully when I need to but am not very familiar with it. I understand the basic syntax but some of the language specific rules give me problems sometimes simply because I don't use it enough and I end up trying to do things I do in other languages.

    I'm usually of the sort that I'll figure out all my problems on my own when coding, even if getting that one object to function like I want takes 3 days of trying different things when it could have been a simpler 5 min solution, but that's how I've learned so much. But with MS Access, for the first time ever, I'd like to be able to bounce ideas off others... I'm normally not much of a forums type person, but when nobody in your life understands anything about coding, databases, etc.. it sucks.

    Other than that well I'm 35 and in the military, struggle with A.D.D, got a wife, daughter, and a child currently still cooking in the oven who is due in Dec (NONE of them let me retain focus and I think they have like a 6th sense to tell when I'm trying to concentrate).

    So I guess that's all for now. Stay tuned! (not really, you can go

    Thank you for having me.


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    Welcome Regg! My older daughter is in the USAF, and also preggers, due next month.
    Paul (wino moderator)
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    Welcome, don't worry you are not unique. It would be nice if i had someone to learn from but like you i don't have that option so I've learned all my limited knowledge from reading books, internet research, trial and error, and bouncing ideals and problems off the experts here like Paul. Funny thing is that usually after I've beat my head against the desk for a few days on a problem they tell me something simple like a comma out of place Welcome and enjoy.

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