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    A validation rule problem with DAO


    I'm practising using DAO to create table, field etc. by following an access programming book
    In a part of codes I copied from a hand-on file of the book...
    Set fld = tblNew.CreateField("AgentID", dbText, 6)
        fld.ValidationRule = "Like 'A*'"
        fld.ValidationText = "Agent ID must begin with the " & _
        "letter 'A' and cannot contain more than 6 characters."
        tblNew.Fields.Append fld
    As you can see that the validation rule is Like 'A*'. However, When switching to
    the access interface, the validation rule is ALike 'A*' (where does the A come from?).
    And when typing in an AgentID field's cell, it showed a message box of the validation text even though
    I typed 'A' as the first letter.

    Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
    Thank you.

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    See this article from Allen Browne re Working with DAO

    Good luck.

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