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    Where is the hyperlink....

    Ok I'm in the datasheet view and I need to change the hyperlinks in one of the fields.

    I did a search query to find all the records I want to update in my update query but it doesn't find the hyperlinks. It finds the text field.

    How do I get the query to find the actual hyperlink. I know I can use F2 to see the hyper link but that's going one by one. I have 1800 records so I need to use the query to find all the hyperlinks at one time and update the directory for the hyperlinks.


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    Thanks to Suzan I was able to get this done. It was actually easy once I new what to do. As the JOE's say " knowing is half the battle"

    I selected my table.

    Selected my field.

    Changed the data type from hyperlink to text. ( this showed me all the actual hyperlinks)

    Then I used the replace command to change the directory in the hyperlinks from J:\ to R:\

    Finally I changed the data type from text back to hyperlink and it worked perfect.

    Here is a link to the actual thread that lead me to this.

    Hope this can help someone else down the line.....

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