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    Update Query Doesn't work from my Form

    Good Morning,

    I have a form that I'm creating to update volume delivered by suppliers.

    I want to be able to pick a date from a drop down, Pick the order number and insert then the volume into a text box and it up date my table at the click of a button

    The query I have is as follows:

    Private Sub Command21_Click()Dim volume As Variant
    Dim Deliverydate As Variant
    Dim setdelivery As String
    Dim OrderIDNo As Variant

    OrderIDNo = Text22.Value
    volume = Text19.Value
    Deliverydate = Combo24.Value

    setdelivery = "Update DeliveryTemplate " & _
    "Set " & Deliverydate & " = '" & volume & "' " & _
    "where [OrderID] = '" & OrderIDNo & "' "
    DoCmd.RunSQL "setdelivery"
    End Sub

    When I click the button I get the following error - Run Time error 3129 Invalid SQL statement

    So I went into Debug and got the query from the Immediate window which returned the following:

    Update DeliveryTemplate Set June13 = '999' where [OrderID] = '1'

    I copied and pasted this into a standard access query and ran it as normal to try and find an error but it ran fine and updated as requested

    Does anyone know why it will work in a standard query but not through VBA on my form?

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Thank you

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    Instead of using SQL, use a query. The query will not get the SQL wrong. Then just rrun
    docmd.openquery "quUpdMyQuery".

    but you put the SQL var in quotes...don't...
    docmd.runsql setdelivery

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    Apologies, but I don't understand how that would work,

    Are there not too many variables for a standard query to work?

    The volume for each OrderID will change for deliverydate

    I need to put the figures into the form to populate the table

    thank you

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    Step back and tell us about your set up in plain English. Forget the sql and query for the moment--- just simple terms.
    You don't really have a field called June13, do you? What is the DeliveryTemplate (again simple terms).

    Something along the lines of...

    We are a small company that does..... Each day we receive...... To account for our.... we have to update the......
    We get Orders from.... ???

    Good luck.

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