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    Auto run converted Macro


    I have set up a macro to write excel files into a specified folder and then quit access altogether. In order to delete the existing files, I had to convert to VB and add a kill function.

    Is there any way I can have this converted macro run from a desktop icon without having to open the macro and run it from the toolbar?

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    if you want to run an access macro, you must open access and run the macro. (which can be done from a desktop icon)

    in the access db, create a macro called autoexec, in this macro put in your code. (or run another macro)
    when you dbl-click the icon, (shortcut to the db) it will open, run your code, and close.

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    Or use the msaccess build in /x switch as described here: in combination with a .lnk file if you don't always want to run your macro at startup.

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    Have you employed any protection that prevents anyone from running the macro in the db or using a shortcut and deleting the files when not wanted? Since you have already converted your macro to code, it's not too much more effort to employ code based protection. Alternately, I guess you can create a macro as suggested (to run code that was a macro) and get a confirmation from the user via a yes/no message box. One way listed in the provided link is the /cmd switch, which I have used in the past.
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