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    Question Hyperlink to password protected excel spreadsheet - password pop-up box hidden behind database

    Very much a beginner here, sorry!

    I have a hyperlink from a form to open a password protected excel spreadsheet. The password pop-up box is hidden behind access, but I can't minimise access as I get the blue-swirly-circle-hourglass-thing.

    If excel is already open I can click on the toolbar to bring excel to the front and enter password.

    If excel is not open I have to ctrl-alt-del, and use task manager to get to the password pop-up box.

    Is there a way to automatically bring the pop-up to the front?

    Many thanks,


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    you cant via the hyperlink
    instead, try calling excel...

    docmd.minimize 'shrink accesss
    call shell("c:\folder\excel.exe", hyperlinkpath)

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