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    Split string into Date and Time Columns?

    I am looking for assistance in a sql query in MS Access 2007.

    I have imported a table into access. One of the columns is a column called DTG_LOCAL (which is short for Date/time group local time). This column is a string column with the format DDMMMYYYY:HH:MM:SS or 01JAN2010:13:40:00.

    I am looking for a sql query that will take the string DTG_LOCAL column and break out DDMMMYYYY and HH:MM to their own columns with an additional column with just HH for a total of three new columns with the broken out information. The three columns would be DATE, TIME, and HOUR; Lastly, convert the columns from a text column to DATE/TIME respectively.

    01JAN2010:13:40:00 --> 01JAN2010 / 13:40:00 / 13

    The other columns in the file are not deleted.

    The table name is GPS_AI_Import.

    Thank you for any assistance,


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    I don't recommend you label your fields/columns with "Date", "Time", or "Hour" as these are reserved words in Access.

    SELECT GPS_AI_Import.DTG_LOCAL, DateValue(Mid([DTG_LOCAL],6,4) & " " & Mid([DTG_LOCAL],3,3) & " " & Mid([DTG_LOCAL],1,2)) AS DateExtract, TimeValue(Mid([DTG_LOCAL],11)) AS TimeExtract, Hour([TimeExtract]) AS HourExtract
    FROM GPS_AI_Import;

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    Thank you. This did exactly what I needed it to do. I will change the column headers from the reserved words to non-reserved words.

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