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    Criteria part in an expression in a query.

    This rookie has done a lot of searching today, but no good result. Just need the exact expression or formula in a calculated field in a query. First query "q03SalaryIncrease". Fields DateFrom, DateTo, Salary, Emp_ID. Second query where I want to add the calculated field. "q01Employees" with fields EmpID, LatestIncrDate. The expression I am trying. Dlookup("[Salary]","q03SalaryIncrease","[Emp_ID]=" & [EmpID] & " And [DateTo]=[LatestIncrDate])
    I believe I simply have it wrong after the "and". Maybe an ampersand, or comma or double quote?

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    do NOT use Dlookup in a query. The query IS the dlookup.
    join 2 tables to lookup your item.
    add the calcd field there.

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