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    Query of Multiple User Inputs

    My end users came to me and said that they liked the query that I put together for them to look up past configurations. However, they said they would like to be able to look up multiple configurations at one time. I am currently using a drop down search to display the current options because of the shear number of options that are involved. I don't know how to approach this problem so that everything will continue to work properly.

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    we don't know what a configuration is.
    but cant you just show them a continuous form of them?

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    The configuration in this case doesn't matter. Think of them as different names. They are all different names in the same field. An Example would be if you had a Field Name that was TeamNames, so what I am looking to do is have a query in which the user can enter multiple team names and have the query display the related information for those team names.

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    I am hoping you are using a form.

    You could use a multi select list box and some code to create the query criteria.
    Use a multi-select list box to filter a report

    Yes, it says "filter a report", but it using a query, so report or form, it is all the same process.
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