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    Cannot create ACCDE file

    I receive the following error message when I try to create an .accde file.

    "Microsoft Office Access was unable to create the .accde, .mde, or .ade file." When I click on Show Help this is the message contained in it:
    "This error is usually associated with compiling a large database into an MDE file. Because of the method used to compile the database, a considerable number of TableID references are created for each table. The Access database engine can only create a maximum of 2048 open TableIDs at one time. Exporting a database as an MDE potentially can exceed this limit if the database has a large number of objects (table, macro, form, report, etc).
    There is no accurate method to estimate the number of TableIDs the Access database engine uses during the process of compiling a database as an MDE. However, each VBA module and each form uses one TableID, as a result, if the database has 500 forms, and each form's HasModule property is set to Yes, as many as 1,000 TableIDs are used."

    From reading this, could the issue be that we have too many tables, forms, and queries existing in the database to be able to create the .accde file? Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.


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    Any error while compiling will cause the problem you see. Try going into any module and then Debug>Compile. If you get any errors then they need to be fixed first.

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