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    Create Access 2016 desktop database from existing SQL Server 2008 R2 database

    Hi All,

    New to forum and Access so please be gentle :-)

    I have a SQL Server database that I would like to create a copy of in a Access 2016. Is that possible via export/import process as opposed to manually creating all the tables in Access.

    In case anyone is interested I wish to do this for various reason.

    1) I would like to test UI development on a local database where I won't have access to the SQL Server,

    2) The SQL Server database is a new empty database that will be distributed to various clients. The 'setup' phase of working with the database includes importing a lot of data which I am currently doing with SSIS and Excel spreadsheet. It is a nightmare for my clients so I wanted to create a Access UI/Database for them to work with in setting up there data and then provide SSIS packages takes that data from the Normalized Access database and populates the SQL Server database

    Hope that makes sense


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    Yes , just create MAKE table queries.
    select SQL tbl, make local access tbl.

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    Hi ranman256,

    Thanks for the quick reply. That would definitely make it easier but is there anyway to get the relationships and views or will I have to do that manually?


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