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    How do I find the data source of a control source?

    • I am working with a report that someone else wrote.
    • The report has different values than the customer was expecting based on her reading of the raw data going into the report.
    • I am used to working with reports that have modules of code and macros that access the functions therein and I get the data that way.
    • There is no module in this database, just macros that don't have functions, only things like 'Apply Filter' and 'Set Value'
    • So I am trying to get the algorithm the report is using by looking at the report itself.
    • The steps I used are as follows:

    1. Right click on the report
    2. Select Design View
    3. Select the object that contains the control source. In the instance I am looking at that is =Sum([RegEWaiverAmount(Day)])

    So far so good. But how do I know what the source of this is? I know it could be a table or query but I don't see that indicated anywhere in the properties.
    How do I know where the data is coming from?

    I am new at this and so I'm sure I'm leaving out info someone might need to answer this question.

    Access 2013 32 bit
    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

    What other information do I need to provide?

    Thank you!

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    its a custom function
    go to VBE , alt-F11
    find, ctl-F
    paste RegEWaiverAmount
    it should take you to the function

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    In design view, the report property sheet data tab will expose its recordsource. The expression you posted shows that control is a calculated one, not bound to the underlying source. RegEWaiverAmt(Day) is a poor name for a control or field in that it uses special characters and what looks like a reserved name (Day) - unless the whole thing is a function call with a parameter. I suspect the control regarding your post is only performing an aggregate function (e.g. Sum) on some other control or field named RegEWaiverAmt(Day) in the report. If looking at the report recordsource does not answer your question (i.e. there is none), there must be a form that opens this report and sets the report source in that event.
    There is no module in this database
    AFAIK, every form or report has a module behind it whether you use it or not. Try opening the vb and look for code in the report module or form module if there is one.

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    There is no code, I tried the suggestions above (thank you!!). I just had to go through all the tables til I found columns that matched the expressions ([RegEWaiverAmount(Day)]).
    I could find no other way. Aaaagh!!!

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