Hello All: I download a text file that has over 329,000 records in it. Each record in the text file represents the following fields: Store, Item #, Sales, On Hand and On order based on a fiscal week. I update to 3 separate files for the Sales, On Hand and On order. The files I update to have the Store, Item # and either of the 3 other fields, in addtion to 52 more fields that represent the fiscal week. Since I cannot hand key in all 329,000 records into a specific date field, I had to name the columns with the week dates. ie 8/12/2006, 8/19/2006 etc etc. In an attempt to get inventory turns, I need to sum up the inventory per week per item in a query and then get an average inventory across all summed columns. It is not working and seems to be giving me the average inventory on the individual item records in the table tied to the query. Another words: For item ABC the average across the 52 columns should be 3245 pcs, however I get 2.678. I know I can use excel to link this query and get an average, but is it possible not to have to go outside the application. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you