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    Using an update query to change a title from Dr. to Doctor

    I will try to better explain this. Our table has addressee and salutations. And we are trying to use an update query to fix this.

    Currently fields in our table look like this:
    Addressee: Dr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
    Salutation: Dr. and Mrs. Smith

    We would like to update those fields so they spell it out and actually say Doctor, replacing the Dr. with Doctor.

    We would like the fields to appear like ths:
    Addressee: Doctor and Mrs. Charles Smith
    Salutation: Doctor and Mrs. Smith

    I tried this with a like Dr.* just in case the Dr. isn't in the beginning of the salutation but this isn't working as sometimes we may have another title such as Cmdr. it updates that do Doctor as well.

    I know this is a simple fix but I can't remember how it is done.

    We are trying to update this using an update query. Any advice is helpful.

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    Working in a test database, you could try
    Addressee = Replace(Addressee,"Dr.","Doctor")
    same set up for Salutation

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    I would just do a simple Find and Replace on the column in your table, replacing "Dr." with "Doctor".
    Just be sure to set it to only look in that particular field, and tell it to Match "Any Part of Field".
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