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    Filter records in Listbox based on selection in Combobox

    Picture tells it all.. Thanks for suggestions..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Database Combo Filters Listbox.accdb

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    For the combo, use DISTINCT

    SELECT DISTINCT FieldName FROM TableName.

    The he filtering can be done a couple of ways:
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    1. I would create a third table showing only the options for system (AB, AC and AD) and them link them, to the other tables
    2. Create a query of that third table, exactly the same, not filtering anything
    3. in the form, create a combobox selecting only the "document system short" values of that query
    4. create a second query for the filtering showing the following columns:
      1. document system short
      2. document name
      3. document system

    5. in criteria of this second query, put this formula in the column of document system short: [forms]![frmStart]![Name_Of_Your_ComboBox_Here]
    6. in the form, create the listbox using the columns "document name" and "document system" of the second query

    that should make it work

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