Hello everyone.
I need your help desperately. This is what I have:

Here are the columns:
TIMDSP columns has: 01/01/1980 13:30:00
TIM#LF columns has: 01/01/1980 14:05:00

TIM_DSP: Right([timdsp],8)
TIM_#LF: Right([TIM#LF],8)
Serviced Time: Format(CDate([tim_dsp])-CDate([tim_#lf]),"hh:nn:ss")

I need:
If Serviced Time is less than 30 minutes then I would like to change that time to 2 hours (in another column labeled "Final Time") and if Serviced Time is more than 4 hours, then also change to 2 hours.
How can I write this IIF statement?
Thank you for the help