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    Access 2016 and Sharepoint online connection issue


    I have a strange problem with Access 2016 (office 365 home) and Sharepoint online (plan 1) connection. I use a front end database to connect to Sharepoint lists. Furthermore, I have 3 calendars on Sharepoint that are syncing with Outlook. This works fine on two laptops and one windows tablet. In my office (4 pcs in local network, 3 windows 8.1 pro and 1 windows 7 professional) every time I try to open the front end data base I receive an error message (The Microsoft Office Access database engine could not find the object '<linked table name>'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly). After I try to reconnect the sharepoint lists I receive again an error message (Microsoft Access object <name of the data base front end> cannot contact the server. Check the spell of the path or contact the server administrator). It does not prompt me to login!! The only way to solve the problem is really a tricky way. I have to open Outlook and click into a connected calendar. It appears sent/receive error and a pop up window that prompts me to login with Microsoft account. If I try to login with my username (owner of Sharepoint) sent/receive status is restored but Access database still not works. If I login with my secretary username (collaborator of Sharepoint site) everything works fine!! After shutting down the computers and coming back the next day the problem starts from the beginning!!
    Is there any idea what could be the solution? Could be a local network issue?

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    My team is experiencing a similar issue as well. There are 5 total users, but only 2 are impacted.

    We utilize the O365 ProPlus (32-bit) Access 2016 client to open an ACCDE file hosted on our team's O365 SharePoint site. The database uses linked tables which are hosted on a different O365 team site.

    Recently 2 of my users began receiving this error message at launch:
    The record source <object name> specified on this form or report does not exist. The name of this recordsource may be misspelled, the recordsource was deleted or renamed, or the recordsource exists in a different database. In the Form or Report's Design view or Layout view, display the property sheet by clocking the Properties button, and then set the RecordSource property to an existing table or query.

    I provided the ACCDB version of the file to these users to troubleshoot. When attempting to open the linked data tables, each receives this error message:
    The Microsoft Access database engine could not find the object <object name>. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly. If <object name> is not a local object, check your network connection or contact the server administrator.

    One troubleshooting step I took was to try to manually link the tables again (External Data > Import & Link > More > SharePoint List), where each receives this error message:
    Microsoft Access could not connect to the site you specified. Verify the address of the site or contact your site administrator.

    I have done all of the following troubleshooting steps, without success:
    - Restarted computer
    - Logged into O365 portal via Internet Explorer with each user's credentials
    - Run Compact & Repair database
    - Refresh List
    - Relink List
    - Disabled Name AutoCorrect Options
    - Re-enabled Name AutoCorrect Options
    - Enabled Clear Cache on Close
    - Verified user permissions to the SharePoint list
    - Elevated user permissions to the SharePoint list to Full Control
    - Delete and reapply user permissions to the SharePoint list
    - Verified each user can access the SharePoint list directly (i.e. open the list in the browser) -- they can
    - Office Quick Repair
    - Office Online Repair
    - Opened a new, blank database and attempted to link to the same site / tables
    > > Note, I was able to get this last step to work once, temporarily, for one user. They were able to connect to the site, link lists, and open lists. However, once I closed the program down and reopened, the same errors were encountered.

    I'm at a loss here ... any help (for myself and Ioannis) is truly appreciated!

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    Dear friend
    Finally I found the solution for this problem. Follow the link below (it works as well as in windows 8).

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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