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    Disable option right click Close on control panel

    Hello and thanks for any attention this post may receive

    Windows 8.1
    Access 2013

    So upon opening my database through a front-end the user is presented with a 'control panel'. All options (inputs, reports, exit) is done from here. The user is able to execute from the control panel right-click - close. Is it possible to disable this function? If so how do I disable this function? I currently have the shift-bypass function disabled but would like extra limitations placed upon the user.

    Cheers and have a great day!


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    I have 2010, but you might try
    FILE/OPTIONS/Current Database/Ribbon and Toolsbar Options

    Uncheck "Allow Default Shortcut Menus"

    From Help: "Turns on or off the shortcut (pop-up) menus that appear when you right-click a database object in the Navigation Pane or a control on a form or report. You must close and reopen the current database for the specified option to take effect."
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    Really? It is really that simple?

    Thank you so very much ssanfu. You have helped me once again and for that I am very grateful.

    Thank you once again for your giving your free-time, your advice, and your patience.


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