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    How to fix simple database that has a gap in primary key entry auto number.

    I have a small simple database and have not used Access in years, so this is a pretty elementary issue. Sorry bout that. My primary key is an auto number. Somehow I have a break in the numbers, so of 82 records, there is no #56. How can I close this gap? That is, to close that gap and be to renumber the remaining records with the current number minus one -- change 57 to 56, 58 to 57 etc. Thanks for your help

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    You can't close the gap in autoNum. You don't have to. It's an arbitrary number just to make it unique.

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    You can close the gap if it drives you crazy like it did for me. Just take off the primary key, delete the auto number field. Then create a new field with the same name and select auto number and it will renumber the existing records. Reapply the key. Easy.

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