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    Password logon form

    Hi All, my db is running ok but i need to make a change which i am having a real

    problem with.

    My main form frmReactiveTracker has a combo box cboClientSearch which when a client

    is selected filters the db for that user. It is unbound and has a query qryClient

    feeding in the client names.

    After updating the client choice in this combo i am using this code to filter the


    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit

    Private Sub cboClientSearch_AfterUpdate()
    On Error GoTo errHandler

    Me.cboOrderNoSerach = Null

    With Me.RecordsetClone
    .FindFirst "[ClientID] = " & Me.cboClientSearch

    TabCtl86.Visible = True


    If .NoMatch Then

    MsgBox "No records match your search criteria", vbOKOnly

    Me.Bookmark = .Bookmark

    End If
    End With
    End Sub

    What i am trying to do now is introduce a password form to control what records a

    user can see when they log in. I have been trying various password samples but have

    not yet figured how to do it. The example i am trying to use is this one (attached)

    from DatabaseDev website there are others i'm sure. The point i get stuck with is getting the filter to work when i click on the command button on the password form.

    Your valued assistance would be very much apreciated.
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    I have a tUser table.
    bsmith, bear123, "A"

    when they click the button to open the form, it pulls their user id, and checks the password they enter.
    then the Rights code , determines if they can view it. I put the codes on the forms TAG property. IF its there they can open it , edit , or view only depending on the code,
    vUsr =  Environ("Username")
    if Dlookup("[UserID]","tUsers","[userid]='" & vUsr & "'") = vUsr then
       if Dlookup("[Pass]","tUsers","[userid]='" & vUsr & "'") = txtPassword then
           msgbox "Invalid password"
            vRights = Dlookup("[Rights]","tUsers","[userid]='" & vUsr & "'") 
          docmd.openForm cboForm   'picked from a list
          if forms(cboForm).Tag ,vRights) =0 then
               docmd.close acForm, cboform
               msgbox "No rights to this form"
                'check other rights here
       msgbox "User not on file"

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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