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    Adding an Hours txt box and Mins dropdown (quarters of an hour) to a form and table


    I would like to create an hours and minutes field on a form so that employees can track the amount of time spent on a project.

    I would like there to be a txt box which they can freely type in however many hours they spent on the project (0, 1, 2, etc...) while next to it, they can select, from a combo box, the amount of minutes spent in quarters of an hour (00, 15, 30, 45). I also want this information to get input into a field in a table for the record. I'm hoping this information can be put in one field on the table, but understand if there needs to be two fields created in order to record that information. However, I also want to be able to add up the times (the hours and the mins fields) that these employees spent on the project.

    I'm using Access 2013 btw. Thank you!

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    when selections are to be provided - then you must have a table with the data - let's call these static lists - and then in your transaction table you set up a look up field to the static list ; either at the table level or at the form level. For instance the more common static lists are Months, States, your case you seem to need time periods.

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    Thanks for the answer, however...

    So I created a text field for the hours and a combo box with a row source type as a value list and the row source: 00;15;30;45. Users can type in the hour and select the quarter hour intervals and input them into a table that keeps track of the separate fields (ProjectHours & ProjectMins). I was thinking of using the TimeSerial fxn to turn the values into a time and then somehow creating another calculated fxn that specifies the hours:mins. I just need to find a way to do that...

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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