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Changing Date time in Between Date() AND Date()+...

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    Changing Date time in Between Date() AND Date()+...

    I would like to be able to have a select list where I can change the variable in : ((Accreditation.Expires) Between Date()+150 And Date()+91));

    I can make the list easy enough.

    Days until expiration List:
    Days Start Stop
    30 0 30
    60 31 60

    90 61 90
    120 91................and so forth

    How would I set it up to make the list activate in the below query? Insert Column 2 into the Date()+ and Column 3 into the end date.

    Or do I need to have some sort of stop and start column in the query?

    SELECT Field.Field_ID, Field.Field_Name, System.[System Name], Nomenclature.Nomenclature, Component.Component, Version.Version, Accreditation.[ACC_#], Accreditation.Type_ACC, Accreditation.Accred, Accreditation.Expires, Accreditation.Compliance, Main.Hold, Accreditation.FD_Compliant
    FROM Version RIGHT JOIN (System RIGHT JOIN (Nomenclature INNER JOIN (Field INNER JOIN (Component INNER JOIN (Accreditation INNER JOIN Main ON Accreditation.Accred_ID = Main.[ACC_#]) ON Component.Comp_ID = Main.Comp_ID) ON Field.Field_ID = Main.Field_ID) ON Nomenclature.Nomen_ID = Main.Nomen_ID) ON System.SYS_ID = Main.SYS_ID) ON Version.Vers_ID = Main.Vers_ID
    WHERE (((Field.Field_ID)<>15) AND ((System.[System Name])<>"Tactical Systems") AND ((Accreditation.Expires) Between Date()+150 And Date()+91));

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    look at the dateadd function

    your WHERE clause would look something like

    WHERE Accreditation.Expires between dateadd("d", [forms]![formname]![fieldname1], date()) and dateadd("d", [forms]![formname]![fieldname2], date())

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