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    Connection lost from mysql remote odbc with MS Access

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    Hi I am using MS Access and have used mysql odbc to connect to a remote mysql server database. I have already set ip address on cpanel remote mysql section to allow my ms access database to connect with that. I managed to link to this database from MS Access and linked tables are imported in my ms access database but as soon as I try to open those table from ms access I get message that connection lost. What could be the reason why connection is lost when I try to open remote mysql database table in MS Access. Is this some firewall stopping it .. what could be the solution. If Cpanel has remote mysql then does it not mean that it supports remote access. I want to have a non disconnecting connection with my ms access database and possibly I have a plan to extend it to multiple users and convert this to a single database and multiple users application with each user with a copy of access database. Secondly are there any free remote mysql hosting option or free vps server option. Kindly reply thanks.

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    If you are unable to get to the point where you can actually see data in your tables you're not establishing the links at all. It's unclear to me but you seem to be saying that your database goes through a linking process but you are never able to see the data even though the tables appear to be linked. How are you attempting to perform the link, are you creating an ODBC connector through control panel > administrative tools > odbc drivers? or are you creating a connection on the fly? I've had issues recently with a DSN free connection that ceased to function even though it appeared to be linking tables correctly.

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