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    (Partly) Wasted Effort Rant

    Yesterday I spent a half hour detailing a frustrating function failure. It was a dCount function that wouldn't update based on the criteria I was passing it, but it wasn't being flagged with a syntax error either. Domain aggregate functions are a bugaboo of mine with their confusing brackets and quotation marks. I never seem to get them right the first time, but I went at it six ways from Sunday and was getting nowhere. So I came here and painstakingly documented my efforts and formatted my code. I even stayed late to do it and when I tried to publish my topic, my browser crashed. After a brief expletive, I decided to call it a night and start fresh today. I started from scratch again, copied and pasted my code and described the various results. Everything I tried had failed and I was just about to put it in your hands when I made one last attempt to get it right and what do you know? I succeeded. This is not the first time this has happened. The very process of laying out the problem here frequently results in a solution, but the world will never see my well constructed masterpiece with its many iterations of faulty code. As it is, I appreciate this forum and the support I get here. It is a great learning tool and rarely fails to come through when I'm in a pinch. I just wish I'd tripped across my solution much earlier.

    Rant over.
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    Sometimes the solution is to sleep on it. Seriously, I once listened to a fascinating radio program about sleep, deprivation of, dream states, nightmares, the whole gamut. There is a sub conscious area of the brain that processes when the rest of you is "turned off" for the night. Often, when you awake, the solution, or at least a path to it, is passed to the conscious mind without you realizing it. Don't mean to profess a great deal of knowledge on the subject, but that's probably why we have the expression "sleep on it" and I for one, practice it when need be.
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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    What you need sir. Is a rubber duck.

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    That quacks me up! I agree the duck is a better option than a co-worker. Not only will you have the duck's rapt attention, you can throw him in a fit of frustration and he will happily sit there and listen again next time.

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    Welcome to the club!! You are not alone. Been there.

    PS: It's quite amazing that rubber ducks are so patient.

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