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    Text box inactive based on value in another field


    I have a simple question but answer seems hard to find.

    I have a form where information is filled in.

    Is it possible that text box 2 becomes inactive (meaning no info can be entered) when in text box 1 info is entered that does not require text box 2 to be filled in or if a Yes/No field is completed as No.

    In short: the text box 2 should be inactive or active based on the value (criteria) that is filled in textbox 1.

    for example: if value in textbox is "1" then textbox 2 to become active and info can be entered in textbox 2. if value in textbox 1 is "2" then textbox 2 to become inactive and no info can be entered.

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    You may get some ideas from the information here.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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