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    Problem Saving PDF to Network Drive


    I'm having trouble outputting a report as PDF to a network drive, with the following command:

    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, , acFormatPDF, strPath

    where strPath holds the full path. When strPath is set to a location on my local disk, everything works fine and the PDF is savied instantly. However if strPath is set to a network drive, Access seems to hang and I see "Not responding". Eventually this clears and the PDF has been saved correctly. Occasionally I get "Access has stopped working" and have to re-start, though the PDF has been saved in the correct location on the network.

    I use the network location for storing most of my files and have no problems in opening or saving files.

    Am using Access 2013 with Windows 8.1

    Any help or advice would be appreciated!

    Dave Ford

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    just as a sanity check: with the report open on screen - right click on it - and do the manual Export To PDF option........ see if it throws any sort of message.

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