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    Access 2007 - Changing Chart Font Size Not Working

    Hi everyone,

    Been having an on-and-off issue with font sizes when making a chart in Access. My chart is currently embedded within a report.

    My problem is this:

    After creating my chart, Access is saying that the font size is set to 8, but it is blatantly not. It is much larger. The font will not properly change, no matter what font size I change my chart area, value axis, or category axis to.

    I have tried turning off Auto-Scale under the font options but it does not change the font-size.

    What is interesting is that on several charts the issue has randomly fixed itself and show the font as 22 when I edit the chart object. Perhaps I edited something by accident that fixes the issue?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    font size


    I'm an Access novice so this may be totally off track but I have been caught out a few times with similar issues.

    I'd make sure that nothing else is controlling the font size in the hierarchy of your forms

    ie the form, then any containers and then your chart etc etc. If in doubt place you chart on a clean new form and try it there.

    I had a "similar" issue when calling a form via a macro, when I opened the form direct it was perfect and when I called it via a macro it was wrong because the macro controlled the view and tool precedence over the form settings

    Also check the font you are using I always use the MS defaults fonts.

    Apologies if I've taken you astray



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    Hi Ian,

    Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you.

    After some digging I seem to have found a fix. If you right click the chart object and select Size -> To Fit then the the chart editor shows the correct font and properly displays it.


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